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The Visit Bruges press team is ready to serve press and media professionals with up-to-date and personalised information on and imagery of the city. We are happy to put you in touch with the people who will make your visit truly unforgettable and support you in practical ways.

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What remains Christian Bakalov

December Dance

December Dance is on the agenda of dance enthusiasts from around the world every year. It is the highlight of the dance year, whichever style you prefer.
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Gouden Boomstoet (Golden Tree Procession)

A fairy-tale wedding, dragons, giants ... Nowhere is the glorious history of Flanders portrayed so vividly as in the Golden Tree Procession. Once every five years, this pageant passes through Bruges. Tekst:
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logo TRIBRU2024

Bruges Triennial 2024

2024 marks the 4th edition of the Triennial. Art-lovers have been counting down the years to once again discover a selection of (inter)national artists and architects, and experience their work.
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