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Heilig Bloedprocessie

Bruges is bustling. There is a lot to do here during the day and in the evening. Head along to a concert, visit an exhibition, drop by a social event or enjoy theatre, dance or film. We've brought together the major events on this page. That way, you'll know exactly what you can experience during your stay in Bruges.

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What remains Christian Bakalov

December Dance

December Dance is on the agenda of dance enthusiasts from around the world every year. It is the highlight of the dance year, whichever style you prefer.
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kerstverlichting Steenstraat

Winter Glow

Ice skating on the Minnewater (Lake of Love), the magic of the light trail, strolling through the historic city centre, taking in a cosy Christmas market or shopping with your heavy coat on: you can do it all during Winter Glow.
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