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The press team's mission? Helping to put the city's DNA out there. In doing so, we'll go all out for your high-quality and sustainable experience. The world is changing at lightning speed and Bruges is following closely, with a new story, where past and future come together in harmony. Without losing sight of the quality for visitors.

That's why Bruges' story continues to amaze. It combines a spectacular past – confirmed by 4 entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List – with authentic romance at countless hidden places. Here, you can enjoy the modern Burgundian life, unwind in the greenery and feel the warmth of the people of Bruges.

Welcome to one of the most charming cities in Europe.

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Four solid pillars

Visit Bruges puts the city's proud story out there with 4 solid pillars as guiding principles:

  • balanced city
  • connecting city
  • attractive city
  • entreprising city

The new tourism policy is founded upon a clear strategy that puts the interests of residents first. Residents, entrepreneurs and visitors together do make the city, after all. And that's how the urban dynamics remain in balance.

Targeted objectives

The city's unique DNA and sophisticated strategy shape practical goals. These contribute to the overall experience of tourists and support the happiness of residents and entrepreneurs. We focus on:

  • encouraging residential tourism and extending the length of stay
  • quantitative growth in mid-week tourism and during off-peak months
  • encouraging interaction between temporary and permanent residents
  • making Bruges even better-known as a contemporary cultural destination with respect for history and tradition
  • a sustainable framework for tourism, which contributes to the happiness of residents, entrepreneurs and visitors

This is what Bruges has in store for you

Why exactly should you choose Bruges for your next theme as a press and media professional? The city has some strong assets that make it worth a visit for anyone. And you, in turn, will be glad to share those assets with your audience:

  • Authenticity in every corner of the unique city.
  • Amazement in one of the most charming cities in Europe.
  • Enjoyment of Burgundian life.
  • A spectacular past, with 4 entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Romantic and poetic, with countless bridges and hidden gems.
  • Relaxing in the surprising greenery, with parks, chairs and picnic benches.
  • Balance between visitors and residents, for a true travel experience.
  • On a human scale, with no major barriers between visitors and population.


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